AIS Sports Teams

AIS is a member of International School Sports Federation of Hong Kong.

Founded in 2006, the ISSFHK is an association of international schools who have assumed responsibility for organizing interscholastic athletics for member schools in a manner that promotes fair play, equal opportunity and sound educational values. The AIS Varsity Teams have earned these ISSFHK team championships in the past. The following teams are running in our current academic year:

Season 1: Aug 29 - Nov 4; Championship Week: Oct 31 - Nov 10

Teams  Coaches
Under 14 Boys Football  Aaron Spellman
Under 14 Girls Volleyball  Alan Lo
Under 16 Girls Volleyball  Heather Hendrickx
Under 20 Girls Volleyball  Ben Leung
Under 20 Boys Volleyball  Michael Quemby

Season 2: Nov 14 - Feb 17; Championship Week:  Feb 13 

Teams Coaches
Under 14 Girls Basketball Helen Hodgkin
Under 14 Boys Basketball Dan Ruzicka
Under 16 Boys Basketball Meghan Robertson
Under 20 Girls Basketball Brent Kotze
Under 20 Boys Basketball Aaron Spellman
Jr/Sr Boys & Girls Cross Country  James Elliot, Jamie Millar

Season 3: Feb 20 - Apr 21 (U20 Football Feb 6 - Mar 31; Track & Field Championships 27/28, Badminton Championship - Apr 17

Teams Coaches
Under 14 Girls Badminton Emily Machnicki
Under 14 Boys Badminton Emily Machnicki
Under 20 Girls Badminton Sophie Oostendorp
Under 20 Boys Badminton Jamie Hardisty
Under 20 Girls Football Stacie Willey
Under 20 Boys Football Michael Quemby
Junior & Senior Track and Field
Helen Hodgkin, James Elliot and Bas Oomen

Season 4: Apr 18 - June 2; Championship - May 29

Team Coach
Under 12 Boys Football Stephen Kelly