AIS Mail & EagleNet

AIS Mail

Each AIS family is assigned an unique parent and a student email account during registration, which can be accessed via All school accounts can be accessed through this login credential, and all correspondence will be sent to this school email account, rather than your personal account. 

AIS EagleNet

The EagleNet is designed to assist the delivery of courses of study conducted at the American International School. Our high school and middle school students and faculty have access to courses on this online system. 

Parents can ask students to show them what they've been doing and students are able to check on homework, resources and other materials from home, or while abroad. Here is the link to access the site:  

Problem with your accounts?

You can use the same username and password to access your AIS email, EagleNet and the secured pages of the AIS website. If you have any login problems, please contact our office for assistance.