• Monday, May 29, 2017

Issue 29, 2016-17

  • PTA News

    PLEASE JOIN US! You are warmly invited to our last PTA gathering of the year; 8 June at 12 noon. Lunch will be provided, and any parents who attend the meeting will help to decide how... read more »
  • Elementary Eagles

    May has been an eventful month! Our Annual G5 Assembly was a true highlight of the month, with our G5 students and teachers sharing their understanding of the American Revolution in a creative... read more »
  • Middle School Matters

    May has been busy, and with three weeks left in the year, it looks to stay that way. Before we enter the final stretch, we should take a moment to celebrate the amazing learning that has been... read more »
  • High School Highlights

    May has been an active, exciting and busy month. We enjoyed listening to an A Capella singing group from Yale University (The Yale Alley Cats) during our final assembly of the year. Above is a short... read more »
  • Art Department Updates

    During Visual Voices - our whole school art show - the principals were invited to give awards to artworks that they felt were particularly successful.    Here are some of the winners and... read more »
  • The Athletes' Track

    U20 Boys Football Our Eagles boys football team took to Kowloon Tsai astro 1 to face off against Yew Cheung in the 3rd place bronze medal game. Our boys started off well, playing simple... read more »
  • Curriculum Corner

    Teaching Creativity In today's rapidly changing world, diverse challenges demand creative solutions.  The business coalition Partnership for 21st Century Learning claims that... read more »
  • From the Counseling Suite

    In The News: The Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, based on a novel by Jay Asher, has been the focus of recent media attention and is being widely discussed among educators and mental health ... read more »