• Thursday, March 30, 2017

Issue 27, 2016-17

  • Elementary Eagles

    March has been another busy month in the Elementary Division! We enjoyed our annual Grade 2 assembly. Many thanks to teachers Amanda Romano, Althea Landrum, and Kaitlin Warriner for their... read more »
  • Middle School Matters

    As anticipated, March was full of amazing learning in the AIS Middle School. This month highlighted our commitment to creating applied, social, and personalized learning experiences. Our students and... read more »
  • High School Highlights

    March has been an exceptionally busy month at high school level. Our students have been involved with a variety of conferences, and preparing for art exhibitions, dramatic and musical performances... read more »
  • Art Department Updates

    "My Hong Kong" Art Exhibition at Artland Early March saw the first of the Visual Art events with the exhibition "My Hong Kong" at Artland in Wan Chai. Students from grades 1... read more »
  • Curriculum Corner

    Nowadays we live in a web-based technological environment that is tailored to our choices.  A good example is online shopping.  Internet retailer, Amazon, helps customize the shoppers... read more »
  • The Athletes' Track

    U14 Boys Badminton The U14 Boys Badminton team had a very tough season in division 2, playing against some very strong teams throughout the league. The highlight being their 3-2 victory... read more »
  • From the Counseling Suite

    Coffee Mornings A big thank you to Dr. Dogan for her recent presentation titled “Resiliency and Coping with Stress for Teens and Tweens”. Dr. Dogan discussed the balance of helping... read more »
  • PTA News

    What is the PTA? We are the PTA….Parent Teachers' Association. We are a group of volunteers who work together to support the school. It is open to all and everyone. We are also the... read more »