Literacy Program

While parents choose AIS for a range of reasons, our purpose and mission remain the delivery of a robust US college-preparatory academic program. All programs at AIS are delivered in English. However, as an international school that welcomes students and families from both the local and international communities, we recognize there will always be varying degrees of English language proficiency within our student body. Literacy provides the foundations for academic achievement and as a school committed to academic success, AIS places the development of strong literacy skills at the heart of its curricular program. 

English literacy teaching enables students to speak, listen, read, view and write purposefully and confidently. At AIS we provide a balanced literacy program where students become proficient in all aspects of literacy including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Explicit teaching of reading and writing skills, and strategies, provide the main focus for literacy instruction. Students in Early Childhood are exposed to a range of developmental programs that lead to formal areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. As the students move into Grade 1 Junior and then on through the school to Grade 5, they will continue to systematically build and strengthen their literacy skills through our English Language Arts Program.


Guided Reading Program
Six Traits of Writing
Home Reading