Outdoor Education & Leadership Program

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Since 2005, AIS high school has developed its Outdoor Education and Leadership Program (OELPprogram, which enables the whole high school to annually go off campus and take part in outdoor education/adventure, community service or leadership training programs in a variety of locations. For a week before the fall break, every October, regular high school classes are suspended and all students take part in this off-campus program. OELP is designed to develop students holistically in a way not possible in the classroom or home setting. 

OELP is a compulsory part of the educational program at AIS. The purpose of organizing such a program is to give students unique outdoor educational opportunities, broadening their understanding and appreciation of our world and, cultivating a true sense of cultural awareness. This type of experiential learning can strengthen friendships, inspire leadership and instill in our students positive values that will help them become effective global citizens.

Each program includes a community service component that gives students a chance to serve the community they visit and at the same time earn valuable community service hours required for graduation. Our school’s Expected School-wide Learning Results direct our students to become empowered thinkers, global citizens, effective communicators and well-rounded individuals. These trips undoubtedly support our students in achieving these outcomes.

Students are required to journal their experiences and reflections from the trip. Later in the fall semester we offer parents an evening show where students present footage and share experiences from their trips.