High School Parent Teacher Conferences 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is school policy for you to collect the Report cards directly from the school and to meet with your child(ren)’s teachers. As the conference should be an invaluable opportunity for the student to reflect upon their learning thus far, and discuss ways to make improvements with their teacher, we require each student to attend the conference with their parent or guardian. As this is an expectation for learning and a school day for students, any student or family not attending the PTC meetings will have an unauthorized day of absence. 

In order for teachers to manage meeting with each of their students during the time available, we are asking you to use an online system to book appointments with high school faculty. Please log on to this link using your AIS email account, to enter the Parent Teacher Conference booking site; then make an appointment with each teacher that you need to meet.

We expect each student and parent to meet with a minimum of two to three teachers. We advise that before making a booking, you could contact teachers by email to check if an appointment is essential. Make sure you print out your confirmation emails and keep this record of your appointments. We are asking that each parent and teacher respects the time frame we have by agreeing to stick to their appointment schedule. 

Teachers have explained this booking system to students so please do not hesitate to speak with your son or daughter to arrange these bookings, or contact me if you have any difficulty.  

Thank you. 

Mike Wing 
High School Principal