Tuition & Fees

Tuition Fee Payment Schedule 2017-18

2017-18 Tuition Fee

One installment payable 1 August

2 installments payable
1 August & 1 February

4 installments payable
1 August, 1 November,
1 February, 1 May

Early Childhood 1 (Half-Day) HK$78,960 HK$39,480 HK$19,740
Early Childhood 2 (Full Day) to Grade 1 Junior HK$117,600 HK$58,800 HK$29,400
Grade 1 to Grade 4 HK$123,000 HK$61,500 HK$30,750
Grade 5 to Grade 8 HK$132,400 HK$66,200 HK$33,100
Grade 9 to Grade 12 HK$145,320 HK$72,660 HK$36,330

Families have the option of paying tuition fees in one single payment, 2 installments (1 August & 1 February) or in 4 installments. The due dates for 4 installments are fixed: 1 August, 1 November, 1 February and 1 May. Late charges are applied for any late payment of school fees.

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Annual Capital Levy
Other School Fees
Withdrawal Policy
Refund Policy

Please note that AIS holds parents, not employers, to be liable for all school fees and other payments due to the school. Where payments are made by employers, it is the parents' responsibility to ensure that the company makes payment.
 If a place is accepted at AIS and the child does not attend the school, the fee deposit will be forfeited.

Service is held on all school records if tuition payments remain outstanding.