Athletes of the Year

The Athlete of the Year is a major award at AIS. It is awarded to the top male and female athlete at the middle and high school levels. This award recognizes the contributions by a student athlete over the course of the school year. The person who earns this distinction typically participated in multiple sports seasons, receiving recognition for excellence for various teams. Being a well-rounded athlete is no small accomplishment, and combining that athleticism, with being a team leader, showing good character and modeling sportsmanship helps set the Athlete of the Year apart from his/her peers for special recognition.

2016-2017 Athletes of the Year

High School

Hyun-Jin Kang is a highly talented athlete who excelled in the three sports he participated in during the year: U20 boys volleyball, basketball and track and field. He was recognised as a co-captain and Most Valuable Player of the undefeated basketball championship winners this year. He has been a highly respected and outstanding member of the basketball team who has for the past three years won the gold medal in the playoff finals. He has had a great impact on the basketball court, scoring many great baskets and also leading and inspiring his teammates to victories throughout their flawless season. He was also co-captain of the track and field team and managed to bring home an individual gold medal in the shot putt at the track and field championships.

Megan So was excelling in sports even back in Grade 4, winning five ribbons at sports day! She is a multi-sport athlete, competing in volleyball, basketball and track and field this year. She personifies what it is to be an athlete who gives her all while competing for AIS. She has a fantastic attitude, natural ability and is also a team player above everything else. She plays to win, and does so always with a big smile on her face. However, she understands the values of respecting all others on the court and is humble in victory and gracious in defeat. She won a team bronze in her first ever season playing volleyball. She was the most improved player on the basketball team where she left everything she had on the court. One of the highlights of the year was her participation in the track and field team, where she won the Most Valuable Player award and also picked up 3 gold medals, in the long jump, 100 metres, and the 4 x 100 metre relay at this year’s track and field championships!

Middle School

Po-Cheng Ou was a multi-sport athlete. He displayed outstanding skills in all three teams he participated in this year: U14 football, basketball, and badminton. As captain of the football and badminton teams he lead by example on the field and was respected by his teammates. In achieving such accomplishments he earned the title of most valuable player in each of these sports. One of the highlights of the year for Po-Cheng would be winning six out of the eight badminton matches he played in.

Jordan Fox embodies what is to be an inspirational leader and a fantastic team player when she takes to the field with her teammates to represent AIS. She represented AIS in a maximum of four sports throughout the year, was co-captain of the volleyball and touch rugby teams and also captain of the basketball team. She was the most valuable player of the basketball team, won the coaches award for junior track and field and touch rugby. She was part of the volleyball team that collected a team silver medal at the ISSFHK Championships and picked up a team gold as part of the 4x100m relay team.