Parents' Testinomials

Here are what our parents have to say about AIS in the recent parents surveys:

Great learning, best teachers, great school!

AIS suit my children perfectly! We'd sent our children to a few other international schools for the past few years and we are so glad we finally found the one that fits them well academically and socially.

My daughter enjoys school days more than holidays because she looks forward to meeting her friends and learning from the teachers.

We like the school's philosophy of character development rather than just the traditional book learning.

I feel very happy about the way that my children participate and perform in the school programs. They perform strongly and very confidently on stage. It's a great feeling as a parent.

I feel proud that my daughter is a part of the Global Issues Network, which gives her insight into various social causes, helping her to become a more social and a better human being.

My child is always supported by her teachers and classmates. She and I are well-informed on how well she learns in school. She now has a strong sense of achievement when she is able to know what she has accomplished and what her goals are.

My child loves the friendly and helpful attitude of both the children and the teachers at AIS.

My child feels very happy in all these past three years in high school, facing friendly teachers and classmates. He loves his teacher very much.

She loves the OELP Camps and Sports Day, which are events that keep her going even though schoolwork in middle school has been very challenging.

Winter fair was a great way of interacting with each other; lots of fun for everyone. A lot of activities, like leadership camp, were great too.