Step 2: Entrance Assessments

The language of instruction and communication at AIS is English. Students seeking admission to AIS are expected to be proficient users of English appropriate to their age and in line with the language requirements of their grade-level. AIS does not have any support programs for English as a Second Language or for students with special learning needs.  All applicants must disclose any and all additional documentation or reports relating to the applicant’s ability to successfully learn in a regular English academic school environment. 

Early Childhood & Grade 1 Junior

Applicants need to have the ability to speak in simple sentences and to understand and respond to a teacher's general instructions and questions in English. Social skills are also part of this assessment. The assessment will take approximately 30-45 minutes in a playgroup setting by multiple early childhood specialists. Written tests are not administered to children seeking enrollment for these grade levels.

Grade 1 to Grade 12

Assessment is based upon a US standardised test to determine competency in English and Mathematics. The test includes vocabulary, writing, reading, comprehension, mathematics, and speaking skills. Applicants may also be required to write a short piece about a prescribed topic. Applicants MUST be present at AIS to write the assessment. The duration of the entrance tests are as follows:

Grade Entrance Test Duration
1 to 3 30 mins
4 to 5 45 to 60 mins
6 to 8 2 hour 30 mins
9 to 12 3 hour 15 mins

AIS offers overseas applicants applying to Grade 5 to 12 the option of attending the ISEE online entrance tests at one of the prometric exam centers available internationally. There will be an assessment fee of USD 185 payable to the ERB organization if you choose this service. Please contact our admissions office for more information.

Upon review of the entrance test results and Student Reference Forms (for G1 to 12 applicants) by the principal, the admissions procedure may include a personal interview with the student and their family on a separate day. During this interview the applicant’s overall suitability for the school will be assessed.

Students and families seeking admission to AIS are expected to support the school’s mission and contribute positively to the AIS community. The personal interview provides the school and prospective family an opportunity to review the applicant’s previous school records and their performance on the AIS placement tests. This is also where reasons for seeking admission to AIS are discussed and the overall suitability for admission is considered.

Based on the applicant’s previous school records, performance on the AIS admissions tests, and the personal interview (if granted), a decision to offer a place to the applicant will be made by the Admissions Committee.