Graduates' Testimonials

Below are testimonials from our recent graduates: 

My homeroom teacher has supported me throughout my high school years. Being a member of the AIS high school community under the guidance of so many wonderful teachers and friends has made me grow and shaped me to become who I am today. (Ryozuikei K.)

I appreciate my counselor and teachers kept reminding us of the importance of finishing strong and leaving a lasting legacy in AIS. They constantly reminded us not to lose our focus on achieving well and pursuing our dreams. (Chester L.)

AIS is an awesome school that enables students to make life-long friends. (Vivian T.)

I'll miss AIS and its kind students and teachers. After many years at AIS, I feel like it is my home and my family. (Aisha T.)

I thank AIS for being such an important part of my life. The teachers and students here have truly changed my life and made who I am today. I'm truly grateful for that. (Hollie C.)

I love the counselors and deans for their genuine care, kindness, and advice, that to me is greater and more valuable than anything else. (Logan H.)

AIS is a great school that has helped me become who I am today. (Jeff H.)

I thank AIS for making my life enriched and wonderful. (David H.)

My two years in AIS have been the highlights of my life. The experiences I had here is unforgettable and precious. (Sophia)

Thank you AIS for giving a different nurturing environment helping me to learn and to grow. (Catherine W.)

The deans were always there to talk about anything, whether it be school-related or not. I want to relive Adventure Weeks with everyone again! My advice to the younger students is enjoy your time at AIS. It may not seem like the best of times, but really, it IS! (Alex C.)

My homeroom teacher always encouraged me to think outside of the box, and shared some great personal experiences to teach us a lesson. I really appreciate his caring and loving attitudes toward our homeroom students. (Ju-Hae O.)

The principal, counselor, and teachers here at AIS have been so helpful and awesome in every aspect. (Yau C.)

I appreciate my counselor’s efforts in making the worldwide universities resource available to us and guiding us in choosing our most desired universities. I also appreciate that my teachers always made sure I made it to graduation and to the best university, and were always there to help. (Jessica C.)

The counselors were always available for any problems regarding university application processes, selection and any question about various universities. They made the processes seem much easier than they actually were. (Nibedita S.)