Admission Decisions

A. Acceptance

If an applicant is qualified and space is available, a formal letter of acceptance signed by the respective principal or Head of School will be sent via email along with important information for registration and enrollment. Each year a few students are conditionally accepted or accepted on probationary status.

If the family wishes to accept the offer, they must do so within 7 days and provide payment of the subsequent school fees in order to guarantee enrollment. Placement will be confirmed on receipt of the tuition fee deposit and the capital levy. For students accepted for immediate entry, full payment of the appropriate tuition fee on a prorated basis is required prior to student enrollment. ‚Ä®Please refer to our current year Fee Structure for further details of tuition fees and other fee payments.

If a family fails to notify the school of their decision to either accept or decline enrollment within the stated 7-day period, the offer will be withdrawn. The family will be required to reapply if they subsequently wish to be reconsidered for enrollment.

B. Wait List Policy

Once the maximum class size has been reached, students seeking enrollment may be placed on a waiting list. Families will then be advised by the school office as soon as there is an opening. To reserve a place on the waiting list, the school requires a deposit payment within 7 days of the offer. This deposit is non-refundable but will be credited towards the first tuition fee accordingly. If there is no opening after 3 months of the student being placed on the waiting list, a full refund of the deposit can be requested through the school office. If there is an opening within 3 months and the offer of a place is not accepted, then the deposit is non-refundable. Every effort will be made to inform the candidate's family about space availability so that the family can plan appropriately. Waiting status is dissolved once the third semester enrollment is finalized in late March. Students on a waiting status, interested in admission for the following year, may reapply again.

C. Denial

Students can be denied admission on the basis of their academic and/or behavioral record, their English language proficiency does not meet grade-level requirements, or when AIS lacks a program to meet their individual needs. The AIS admissions process is selective and will at all times seek to ensure an appropriate match between prospective students and the school. The final decision to accept or reject any application rests solely with the school’s administration. The school is not obligated to release admission test results to our applicants.

Denied candidates may reapply again after six months.