Summer Reading


Required reading over the summer vacation has a dual purpose. It is intended to be enjoyable and purposeful. We have selected titles, which we believe will engage students’ interest, capture their imaginations and make them think. At the same time, we will use the summer reading as a springboard into the first units of work at the beginning of the new school year.  

Even when we are on vacation we know that learning never stops. Research tells us that required summer reading greatly assists students in maintaining a degree of academic focus, and that good summer reading can actually enrich vacation time by keeping students connected and thinking. By building the summer reading into our curriculum and using this to support the first unit of work at the beginning of the new school year, we are taking steps to ensure summer reading has a real purpose.  

Although summer reading does require a degree of discipline, we believe this is important. Meeting the requirements of the summer reading program will benefit proficiency and strengthen important reading skills.  

At AIS we recognize the critical importance of being strong and capable readers. Across the school, we are investing time, energy and resources towards the systematic development of strong literacy skills for every student. We are working together to raise both the profile of reading in our school, and student achievement levels. Summer Reading is an important part of this strategy.  

Thank you.  

Cameron Fox
Head of School