Our Programs

Our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results support and shape the academic program at AIS, ensuring we never lose focus on what an AIS education means: the growth of well-rounded individuals who have the power to think critically, communicate effectively, and, as genuine global citizens, understand and accept they have a duty and responsibility to make our world a better place.  

In every section of our school, students are fully engaged in an appropriately robust and challenging academic program, aligned with clearly articulated US educational standards that we expect all students to meet.  

  • Our Early Childhood program is developmentally appropriate, built on a solid understanding of the general patterns of growth in a child’s early years.
  • Elementary School ensures each child has a solid foundation in the basic skills and concepts from which all future learning takes place.
  • The Middle School program continues to challenge students in their academic capacity while recognizing, understanding, and supporting the unique developmental needs of young adolescents.
  • The High School years are a time when our young men and women become passionate and serious scholars, preparing to enter universities and colleges where they will continue their lifelong journey of learning. 

AIS is a college-preparatory school. We offer a robust and challenging academic program at all grades and fully expect graduating seniors to enter a college or university of their choice. Academic progress is reported at the end of each trimester when report cards are issued. Formal examinations, which begin in Grade 8, are scheduled at the end of each trimester. Annual standardized tests for all students from Grade 3 through Grade 11 take place in early spring. Advanced Placement (AP) examinations take place in May. AIS is also an approved SAT Test Center allowing our high school students to take both SAT I and SAT II tests on campus.