Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the Middle School at AIS. The goal of our division is to create a personalized, compassionate, and community-oriented educational environment characterized by deeply engaged learning by all members.

The middle years are a critical, and exciting, time of transition from childhood to young adulthood. In the Middle School, we help students (ages 11–14; Grade 6–8) to successfully navigate that transition by providing an educational program that holistically supports both academic success and positive personal growth. The students at AIS are eager to learn, explore new ideas and express opinions as they develop their sense of independence and ability to increasingly shape their self-identity.

Our dedicated and talented faculty understand the importance of providing multiple pathways for success, building on students’ interests, and keeping learning fun and relevant. Teachers encourage the energy, enthusiasm and natural curiosity unique to this age group while providing the guidance and structure they need to build a strong foundation of academic, collaborative, and critical thinking skills. The Middle School faculty understand that learning is greatly enhanced by a process of inquiry, exploration, sharing, and guided reflection.

At AIS, learning extends beyond the classroom. We encourage students to become involved fully in the AIS community by actively participating in our challenging academic curriculum, as well as the many extracurricular activities offered, including after school program, athletics, and our Outdoor Education and Leadership Program (OELP). We strive to have our students be well-rounded individuals who are effective communicators, empowered thinkers, and global citizens. Our nurturing environment is based on strong relationships and a sense of community.  

Please take the time to review the information available on the website. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions, or wish to visit the school.

Zachary Post
Middle School Principal