Homeroom & Advisory Program

Our Homeroom and Advisory Classes are a key piece of our Middle School program.  

Students begin their day in homeroom, ensuring that they start their school day organized.  This is a time for teachers to work with students on managerial tasks such as announcements, attendance, and general day-to-day paperwork.  Homeroom is also a time for building relationships as students remain in the same homeroom for all 3 years of middle school.  

Each homeroom is also part of a larger house.  This allows students and teachers to join together for a variety of fun activities throughout the year that help to foster a strong sense of school spirit and teamwork.  The three houses are Phoenix (red), Tigers (white), and Dragons (blue).  The colors represent the three colors of the American flag and each symbol is our Asian regional identity.

Two days per cycle we have a 40 minute Advisory class.  This time is focused around student-run assemblies, house activities and competitions, interdisciplinary work, and advisory lessons to address specific adolescent or grade level team needs.  Advisory lessons are based around the International School Counselling Model and focus on 4 domains:  Academic Progress, Social and Personal Welfare, Global Citizenship, and University Counselling and Planning.