Middle School Program (Grade 5 to 8)

Guided by a distinctive middle school philosophy, we provide a carefully structured, well-balanced curricular and co-curricular program that supports the development of the whole-child. In line with recognized US educational standards, our middle school program focuses on meeting the educational and social needs of the young adolescent.

Our program successfully balances appropriate content knowledge in all subject areas and strengthens the development of essential learning skills through a holistic approach to education.

All middle school teachers are sensitive to transition issues; firstly as students enter middle school from the elementary school environment and then latterly the transition into high school. Our program is designed to cater for the unique educational needs during these years of significant social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

All middle school students and teachers are required to participate in our Outdoor Education and Leadership Program. Every October a series of residential camping and outdoor educational activities is organized for each grade level to strengthen student self-esteem, foster teamwork and cultivate leadership potential. Accompanied by their grade-level teachers, all middle school students will spend a week away from school taking part in a variety of outdoor activities that can include hiking, camping, rock-climbing and kayaking. All camps are organized, staffed and supervised by proven professional providers. Throughout the school year we schedule additional outdoor education days to continue the development of these important life-skills.

The AIS Middle School benefits from a highly professional, committed and devoted international faculty. We seek to hire teachers ideally experienced in the middle years. We look for teachers who are dedicated to the middle school philosophy and have the qualifications, experience and professional attitude we feel will contribute to a fulfilling educational journey for every student in middle school.