Counseling & Advisory

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Overview of our Counseling Program

Our School Counselors work with determination and vision in assisting our students achieve our expected school-wide learning results and prepare for a bright future. We accomplish this in three primary ways:

Provide Curriculum & Oversee Delivery of our AIS Advisory Program  

Based off the International School Counseling Model and in discussions with our faculty and students we provide and deliver an appropriately structured school-wide advisory program. Students each trimester are provided a caring home room advisor who delivers time-sensitive curriculum in 4 distinct areas: Academic Progress, Social and Personal Welfare, Global Citizenship and University and Career Planning. With over 35 hours of instruction Our Advisiory Program provides customized and individual support that equips our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful to graduation and beyond.  

Integral Member of Our Student Support Team 

This team includes our principal, counselors, dean of students, and all homeroom advisors. Unique to our school, the Student Support Team works together using a customized system of monitoring student progress, enabling us to identify individual student needs early in a systematic and effective way. Each student has a homeroom advisor that monitors academic and social progress, delivers the home room program provided, and reports any problems to the High School counselor or dean of students. Our dean of students focuses on student conduct and academic monitoring, while the counselor is readily available as a student advocate to ensure a socially healthy learning environment for our students throughout the year.  

University and Career Planning  

Each year, our comprehensive university guidance team successfully meets this aim by providing relevant university resources, testing, and personal attention to our students. Beginning in Grade 9 and continuing through Grade 11, the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) helps students prepare for university entrance tests. The advisory program informs students of valuable resources, such as the individual student plan to bring greater clarity and purpose to their high school experience. As students enter Grade 11 and 12, they receive greater attention from our counselor as graduation and university entrance near. In doing so, Grade 11 students focus on understanding the application process in a university seminar that focuses on university selection and application, as well as prepare for the SAT I and II by the end of the year. In Grade 12, each student’s strong relationship with their advisor, dean, and counselor lead to timely and effective application submission as we celebrate our college acceptances from the United States and across the globe. 

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