Academic Grading System

AIS delivers a US standards-based curriculum. The courses offered at AIS focuses on student achievement, deveolped from a set of rigorous academic standards that are internationally recognized and include content, concepts, and skills that a student needs to master. At the highest academic level, the standards used for our Advanced Placement (AP) courses are set by the College Board.

Standards-Based Reporting: High School

In line with the schoolwide assessment and reporting approaches at AIS, High School uses standards-based reporting for student report cards starting from 2014-15. 

Each academic school year is divided into three trimesters, and reports are printed at the end of each trimester. Parents are expected to collect report cards and attend Parent Teacher Conferences in early December and mid-March.

Report card grades are cumulative. The final report card, which indicates a student’s success in passing courses, earning academic credits, and meeting promotion and graduation requirements, is available at the end of the school year in June.

Assessing Student Learning

By using standards, we can focus our assessments on measuring the degree of student learning. For this reason, it is important to state that the actual grades on our report cards are intended to show learning, not behaviors. Schools often reward students for their participation in class, or penalize students when work is handed in late or their punctuality is poor. However, these factors, whilst important, are not a measure of student learning. Student learning must be measured in terms of what they can do in relation to academic standards.  

Reporting Student Progress

To provide students and families with a more accurate measurement of learning, we have decided to adjust our report cards to include two grades.  

1.     Standards Based Achievement Grade:  This is a score measuring a student’s learning and ability to meet the required academic standards.

2.     Learning Attitude Grade: This reflects the student’s attitude to learning and how they meet the expectations and requirements of the high school program.

Each teacher has shared with their classes the rubric we are using to help measure this Learning Attitude grade. There are 8 criteria: attendance, punctuality, preparation for class, meeting deadlines in submitting work, accurately following instructions, making positive contributions to the lesson, seeking advice and feedback to overcome problems when necessary, and academic integrity in producing their own work. Research shows that these factors are vitally important for a student to become successful, and so by focusing on these behaviors and attitudes it is expected that students will become more effective learners. We invite you to discuss these criteria with your son or daughter.  If you have any questions regarding how these issues are measured or addressed, please contact their teachers or arrange an appointment with a member of the Student Support Team.

Calculating Grade Point Averages

A student earns a percentage score for each course. This score is converted to a grade point. A passing score is 60%. A score of 94% or above earns the highest grade point of a 4.0. We do not weight honors or AP level courses. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the mean of these grade point scores across all seven courses. They are equally weighted. 

Students also receive a grade point in every course for their Learning Attitudes. The rubric by which this is calculated is the same across the high school, and has been shared with all students by their teachers. The Learning Attitudes Grade Point does not affect the Standards Based Achievement Grade. The score for monitoring student learning and the score for monitoring student behaviors or attitudes are mutually exclusive. 

Academic Distinction

A student only receives an honor roll certificate at the end of the year if their GPA for both Standards Based Achievement and Learning Attitude are above 3.0. If both GPAs are above 3.5 then the student will be awarded the Principal’s Honor Roll. Honor Roll and Principal’s Honor Roll certificates are presented to students at the end of year High School Awards Ceremony.