Enrichment Programs

Personal and Social Development (PSD)

Our regular schedule includes time every Wednesday afternoon for Personal and Social Development (PSD). These teacher-led activities are organized into 4 blocks across the school year, and provide all students with an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of interest activities designed to promote the development of effective social and interpersonal skills. Personal and Social Development (PSD) is popular activity with our students, who look forward to making new friends and working with different teachers in our school. For a summary of activities in 2015-2016, click here.

Social Skills Program 

AIS is proud to have a social skills program formally organized within our elementary school curriculum. Beginning in Early Childhood, students at AIS are taught essential social and emotional skills and strategies. As a school we actively practice conflict-resolution strategies with our students and emphasize building effective intra-personal communication skills.  

Extracurricular Activities
In addition to PSD, AIS offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students in our elementary school. The school regularly invites external companies and coaching organizations to run extracurricular programs. Sporting activities including gymnastics, taekwondo, and golf are very popular. Other options include chess, ball hockey, and dance. For a summary of activities in 2015-2016, click here.

Outdoor Education & Leadership Program (OELP)

The benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle are also reflected in the school’s outdoor education program. From Grade 2, our students and teachers begin a systematic program of outdoor activity days and camping. 3-night stays for our younger students gradually extend to week-long residential camps and overseas trips in both middle and high school.