EARCOS Global Citizenship Awards

With full faculty support,  it was an easy and unanimous decision to nominate Kelly Lo as the 2015-2016 EARCOS Global Citizen. In discussions with Kelly, it is easy to see she has a very bright mind and a caring heart. This year, she was elected the President of the Community Service Club and Chair of the Model United Nations Club. These leadership opportunities were met with an enthusiastic approach to involve her team members and to bring honor and success to the school. In the process, she opened the door for other students to earn community service experience and be better connected to local Non profit organizations such as St. James Settlement and Crossroads.  

A special highlight this year came as Kelly used her strong communication and organization skills to introduce international Disney Reading Day with Read2Kids a non-profit organization that was successful in raising the importance of literacy in the community.

Kelly has a variety of interests yet is set on studying international business at university. To prepare she will attend a Summer Discovery at the University of Michigan. Kelly’s concern for others and making a positive difference are exceptional qualities that help her stand out to earn this prestigious award. Congratulations, Kelly!   

The East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS) Global Citizenship Award is presented to a student who embraces the qualities of a global citizen. He/she is a proud representative of his/her nation while respectful of the diversity of other nations, has an open mind, is well informed, aware and empathetic, concerned and caring for others, enourages a sense of community, and is strongly committed to engagement and action to make the world a better place. Finally, this student is able to interact and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life while having a sense of collective responsibility for all who inhabit the globe. The student receives an engraved plaque with the their name, a travel wallet, and a certificate issued by the EARCOS.