American Chamber's Charitable Foundation Prize Book Award

With full faculty support we nominate John Nuanjing Ivanhoe as school recipient of the 2015-2016 American Chamber of Commerce Book Prize Award. Remarkably, John has contributed to our school since 2006 in elementary.

Academically, John has a sharp mind and has the ability to grasp deep concepts in math and science and is an adept writer. This year, with perfect attendance he’s achieved a near perfect GPA. While in student life John continues to achieve our expected school-wide learning results demonstrating these qualities most visibly as a member of the Jordan Leadership Club where he tutors young Nepalese immigrant children. 

John has clear goals to study applied mathematics in university with a focus on mechanical or electrical engineering. John enjoys all his courses yet has shared his love for Mathematics as an invaluable and essential part of human culture that has continually been improved upon. He sees mathematics as a powerful tool in improving human life in its ability to describe and predict developments, trends, and fundamental forces of the universe. It is evident, that John finds great satisfaction in finding solutions to complex equations as a skilled critical thinker and problem solver. We are pleased to nominate John with this award.

The AmCham Charitable Foundation Prize Book Award is established by the American Chamber of Commerce in 1986. A prize book and check for HK$1,000 is presented to each awarded student in the next to graduating class who combine excellence in scholarship with achievements in community service, leadership, and other related fields.