The Music program at AIS seeks to inspire and nurture children’s love, interest and appreciation of music from early years through high school.

The curriculum from Early Childhood through Grade 8 follows the US National Music Standards for music education. The goal is to develop musical knowledge and skills through a balanced program. It provides sequential teaching of music elements and skills as well as theme-based instruction.

In elementary school, children experience music through singing, movement, games, playing musical instruments, and integrated music activities.

The middle school program is a comprehensive program that teaches students the basics of guitar, percussion, and keyboards. There is also a choral component.

In high school music, students have the option to pursue programs in Band or Music Technology.  

Those students who opt for Band are placed either in the Beginning or Advanced levels.  

A few years ago, the school introduced a Music Technology program where students are given the opportunity to explore the field of computer music and music technology. The school has several Mac music production suites for electronic music composition and music technology projects.  

At present, the middle school and high school run the following after school performing groups: Middle School Choir, AIS Concert Band, and Jazz Band.