AIS encourages every student to pursue a broad and balanced program, providing them with a variety of challenges and experiences through which they can grow into confident, well-rounded individuals. While our performing arts program has many facets, the common thread is building personal confidence through the systematic development of performance skills.

In the elementary school, we perform monthly grade assemblies. Each grade level from Early Childhood through Grade 5 hosts one of these assemblies which are generally held on a Friday morning in the school hall. Parents are invited to attend. Students lead the assembly with songs, poetry, and drama performances; through the use of technology, they showcase the work they are doing in school. Our assemblies are special occasions for students, teachers, and parents because it is a dedicated time for students to perform and for the community to celebrate and acknowledge their efforts. The drama talents in our elementary students are also showcased in the annual Winter Fair each year in December.

For students in middle school, drama is introduced through Humanities classes and is supported with an after-school drama club and public speaking club where students are trained in the various acting skills by our hired professionals.

In high school we offer both Junior and Senior Drama courses. These are practical classes with performance-based outcomes. While these courses are rigorous in the demands they place on performance, students also gain the opportunity to reflect on some of the major developments in the history of theatre, providing them with a deeper understanding of how this critical art form has evolved over the centuries.

Students taking drama play key performance roles in the annual High School Production as well participating in a variety of other drama performances throughout the school year.