AIS Digital Learning Environment

Creating a Digital Learning Environment at AIS

Since 1986, the AIS community has worked hard to establish its reputation for delivering an educational experience that gives our students the essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for life beyond our red brick walls. As a school we are proud of our students’ achievements over the years and grateful too, for the hard work, dedication and commitment of our faculty. Together we have established a strong reputation for providing a quality international education. Children today are born into a digital age where knowledge is instantly accessible and constantly changing. Scientific research confirms the way our children think and act is significantly different from any generation before. The net effect is technology has changed schooling. This means the effective use of technology in schools has become a major challenge for both students and teachers.

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

In Grade 4 & 5, each student are provided with a Chromebook. These devices are owned by the student and managed by the school, creating a safe, rich, personalised digital learning environment for each student. In the classroom, these devices will support and extend what we already do - striving for excellence in teaching and learning.

AIS support a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) policy from Grade 6 through Grade 12. All students in Middle School and High School will be required to bring a digital device of their choice to school to enrich and support their learning. Our upgraded WIFI and BYOT policy support students and teachers to effectively use technology to improve learning. The development of our school’s digital learning environment is being coordinated by the school’s new Educational Technology Coordinator (EC-12), Mr. Andrew Chiu.

Our Grade 4 and 5 1:1 with Chromebooks Program

We recognize that each school division has its own particular needs and that the use of technology will vary accordingly. You will find useful information from this site to help you understand and prepare for getting the most out of our digital learning environment at AIS.